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Michael and Lucille 10/07/2017 16:45
Loved revisiting Dunstan House to find more beautiful restoration had been done. Congratulations Maree and John.
Madeline 10/07/2017 16:39
Dunstan House oozes history. Thanks for sharing it!!
Ali from Christchurch 15/01/2017 20:27
Fabulous hosts and the room was lovely and clean, much cleaner them most of the 5 start hotels I have stayed at of late. Thanks so much we will be back.
William and Margaret from Dunedin 08/06/2016 14:49
Beautiful house with great hosts and morning coffee. Loved all the extras
Larson Group from Christchurch 08/06/2016 14:46
Back after 4 years just as much fun as first time. Great hosts.

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